Struggling to engage the church outside your walls?

In the past year we have seen God move beyond the walls of our churches in miraculous ways. Join us for this special SundayU online training and learn practical ways to continue engaging and pastoring your church digitally in a post COVID-19 world.

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About this Online event

The church has shifted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But will things return to normal when this is all over?

Even as we go back to meeting in our buildings, things won’t ever be the same. For your church to survive, you need to learn practical ways to continue doing ministry online, and reaching people with the gospel in a digital world. 

SundayU hosts live online summits throughout the year, providing practical training from top leaders for you and your team.

The Church Comm Summit is an annual online event featuring over 35 speakers and 3 days of incredibly practical content geared towards helping your church thrive from Sunday to Sunday.

The 2020 Summit aired live on May 4-6, 2020, but you can replay every session on demand by becoming a SundayU member.

The LIVE Summit has ended. Become a SundayU member and replay every session on-demand, all year long.

Practical Sessions from 35+ Speakers

The Church Comm Summit features practical teaching from over 35 church leaders and practitioners.

The Importance of Storytelling In a Digital Only World

Relaunch Church: Aligning Your Facility for a Post-COVID Culture

8 Ways to Stay Creative During Crazy Times

Nurturing Your Team Culture in Turbulent Times

How to Build a Killer Team Without Killing Your Team

Automating Volunteer Training

Greg Snider
Aspen Group

Relaunch Church: Aligning Your Facility for a Post-COVID Culture

Responding to Negative Criticism
Discovering Your Church’s Persona and How It Will Make Your Church More Effective

Turning Watchers Into Worshippers: A Digital Strategy To Dramatically Improve Your Online Church Views, Watch Times & Overall Engagement

Using Instagram to Teach the Bible

5 Practical Tips for Doing Church Online

Message > Medium

How to Vlog Your Ministry & Make Much of Jesus

The Administrative Role in Church Communications
How to Upgrade Your Church’s Website
How to End Last Minute Tasks

6 Questions To Ask Before Posting to Social Media

Storytelling Builds Culture

Netflix Nation & the 4 Communications Shifts You Need to Adapt for Growth

4 Bad Habits Churches Can Avoid

5 Things Small Churches Can Learn From Large Churches (and 3 Things They Can’t)

Live Streaming for the Church

No To Selfie: Building Authentic Relationships in a Social-Driven World

Maximize Your Online Experience

Broadcast Media Relations

You Have the Power to Reach a Generation

The 3 C’s Framework: Cut Through the Noise and Increase Engagement

Guest Relations & First Impressions Post COVID-19

Being Consistent in Your Church Communication

How to Start Receiving Online Donations Fast

How to Start Receiving Online Donations Fast

Building a Social Media Volunteer Team

Let’s Get Social! How To Create and Manage a Social Team

How To Reach More People Through Church Online Using Digital Communications

Relaunch Church: Aligning Your Facility for a Post-COVID Culture

How Do We Reach People Where They Are?

How Do We Reach People Where They Are?

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What You'll Learn
from watching the Church Comm Summit

We know how valuable your time is, so every session is highly practical. You'll learn actionable tactics you can put in place right away.

☑️ How to Live Stream 

☑️ How to Build an Engaging Community Online 

☑️ Facebook Ads Strategies

☑️ Visual Bootcamp: Producing Dynamic Media Content for your Screens

☑️ How to Build Effective Event Landing Pages That Will Bring New Guests

☑️ Be Found Online: SEO and Your Church

☑️ Leveraging Technology To Connect With Your Community & Build Relationships

☑️ Uses of Social Media from University Focus Groups

☑️ Creating a Church Branding Guide

☑️ How to Reach Your Church and Your Community on YouTube

☑️ Using Instagram Stories in Creative Ways

☑️ No To Selfie: Building Authentic Relationships in a Social-Driven World

☑️ Preparing Your Church for a Crisis

☑️ Social Media and Student Ministry

☑️ Notice Me! (Using Local Broadcast Media to Spread the Word of Ministry)

☑️ How to END Last Minute Requests

☑️ 3 Timeless Strategies for Social

☑️ The 9 Simple Steps to a Thriving Church Facebook Page

☑️ Uncommon Communication – Church Marketing that Stands Out for All the Right Reasons

☑️ The 3 C’s Framework: How to Cut Through the Noise and Increase Engagement

☑️ Easter and Christmas Strategies

☑️ Strategizing Web Design

☑️ One Massive Shift You Need To Make Now To Your Church Communications That Will Grow Your Church


Learn how to move your church forward in a digital world.

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Eric J.
Communications Director

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